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Achieving meaningful integration, fulfilling potential

Europe has received more refugees in the last four years than at any time since the end of the Second World War, and the majority are young people. Yet, ensuring their effective integration is a significant problem for most member states. This programme will bridge the youth, entrepreneurship and refugee sectors to develop and mainstream an innovative framework of tools and resources that will help thousands of young refugees fulfil their potential and achieve meaningful integration through entrepreneurship.

Why is entrepreneurship a good route for young refugees?

Entrepreneurship education and subsequent business creation has enormous potential as a route to social integration and financial autonomy for young refugees and asylum seekers. It provides direct opportunities for self-employment as well as engagement in the community, creating value for everyone.

Why do young refugees particularly need support?

As our economy and society undergo transformation, self employment and community engagement opportunities are important for all young people, but they are especially important for refugees and asylum seekers who are most likely to suffer discrimination, leading to social and labour exclusion.

Better Futures activities and outcomes

The project will develop and create three practical resources for youth and entrepreneurship organisations.

  1. Practice Guide
    • this will lay the groundwork to change attitudes and policies regarding the inclusion of refugees.
  1. Rapid Assessment Tool
    • this will enable in situ evaluation of each individual’s unique entrepreneurial aptitude.
  • Teaching Resources for Refugee Entrepreneurship
    • this will fast track the mainstreaming of entrepreneurship education that is responsive to young refugees’ needs

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